Sunday, May 9, 2010

Closet Collection 16: Preview

Closet Collection 16: Preview
In order to be unique, TDC have a few more Self-manufacture design in the collection.

Stripe Dress.
TDC label
Inspire by Urban Outfiters.
Love the Vertical stripe at the waist area.
Slimming effect. Is made of soft cotton and is stretchable

Flutter Tube Top
TDC label
Inspire by ASOS
This Tube is my favourite in this collection.
As you girls can feel now, the weather is super warm nowadays.
Its made of soft cotton, best for weather like Sg.
We have it in pink, grey, white and black.
Zoe loves the grey pieces.

Flutter Sleeve Vest
Love it at first sight. This is Zoe Favorite piece in this collection.
As she can wear it for her work. It is made of very quality material.
Available in navy blue too :)

Artist Off-Shoulder Dress
"Style" is a word for this dress.
Cream dress with a canvas colour belt.
You can wear it as off-shoulder or like how Zoe wear it.
Made of soft cotton.

We have about 30+ design in this collection.
So check out our web @ 8pm sharp tonight.
Some Backorder of clothes will also be open in collection 16 :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl,

May i know, normally how long do you take in order to verified the payment? After the payment being verified, would you drop a confirmation or whatever to the buyer?
I have transferred the money to you since last night, and i have yet to hear from you...seem like your turnover time kinda slow?

reb reb said...

gal.. the off-shoulder dress hor.. at the website states: all pending.. issit haven't arrive ar??.. i thought of getting one..

Cheryl said...

Hi Reb Reb,

Ya. all pending or sold.
Next time send in your order faster :)


reb reb said...

haha.. i seldom online that's why hard to faster.. just ended my exams.. then need to find a cream/white dress to attend my malay's friend wedding.. then online see ur website lo.. saw ur dress.. ur that dress you pre-order at where??..

Cheryl said...

oic.preorder? You mean backorder.
We don't have Backorder for it :)
anyway next collection will be up on Tue 8pm :)

clothedanatomy said...
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