Sunday, July 25, 2010

Convertible dress II: Review

Anna Fong

She dress up her little princess, Kaitlyn, with TDC convertible dress II.
This is what she blog about her princess :)

I just gotten my Convertible Dress II from MyDesignClosets. To tell the truth, I dont’ even know why I have gotten this dress. Probably due to the fun of it. As stated, this is a convertible dress and this time round, I want to have fun in converting the dress, thus, my model for this post is my amazing daughter, Kaitlyn. ;)

Amazingly, the dress can fit her as a maxi dress. If it is worn on me, the length will end around 1 to 2 inches above my knees. After trying out on her, Jonathan is so tempted to get the baby blue piece which TheDesignClosets are still opening for Backorder. Check out below at how fun this dress could be. According to the designer, this dress could be worn in 9 styles and Anne and I have tried out 4 styles on Kaitlyn.

Presents to you… our Princess KaitlynPhotobucket
Of all the styles, I love Kaitlyn most in the Knotted Front Halter and Knotted Shoulders. I like the versatility of the dress. Many versions of dress was launched quite some time ago by other blogshops but too revealing for me as they do not come with a matching tube manufactured by TheDesignClosets. I love the material as well, light and flowy.

Anna, Thanks For you sweet review.
You are entitled to S$2.00 Discount for your next purchase :)

Wanna get Discount e-voucher like Anna?
Click here to check out this entry which we post it a few mths ago :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Closet Collection 22 Preview

Closet Collection 22 Preview is UP!
Launch date not confirm yet.

Knotted Toga Top. One of my favorite in this collection :)
Come with 4 colours. Which can be wear for both work and school.

Bandage Tube Dress. Remember the Bandage Tube Romper in our past collection.
Customer was complaining then I should bring in more qty for it.
So is back now in dress :)

Prints Maxi Dress. A must to have in all lady closet.
I kept one of this for myself. Is made of chiffon. Best for beach :)
Oh ya. My new hat. Sweet right :p

Zoe Favorite in this collection.
Sweet for work

Patch Dress/skirt. Love the colours.

Join TDC Mailer now to know the launch date and time :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Closet Collection 17: Preview

Closet Collection 17: Preview

Some quick preview before I go to Bed :)

TDC Self Manufacture Design
V-Neck Top.
Can Be wear as both casual and work.
Match it with a bandage skirt and you are ready for work :)
You can wear it in 2 ways
Made of spandex material, soft and very comfortable.
Also Available in Purple and Black.

Another Design which i bring in work the working ladies.

One of Zoe Favorite.
Is soft and comfortable.
Not sheer.

For those who miss Chiffon Ribbon Dress from Closet 15,
here's is what i bring up for you. This time round with polkadot.
Please note that there will not be BO for this dress and i only have limited pieces.

Stay tune to us on 18 May (Tue) 8pm Sharp.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Closet Collection 16: Preview

Closet Collection 16: Preview
In order to be unique, TDC have a few more Self-manufacture design in the collection.

Stripe Dress.
TDC label
Inspire by Urban Outfiters.
Love the Vertical stripe at the waist area.
Slimming effect. Is made of soft cotton and is stretchable

Flutter Tube Top
TDC label
Inspire by ASOS
This Tube is my favourite in this collection.
As you girls can feel now, the weather is super warm nowadays.
Its made of soft cotton, best for weather like Sg.
We have it in pink, grey, white and black.
Zoe loves the grey pieces.

Flutter Sleeve Vest
Love it at first sight. This is Zoe Favorite piece in this collection.
As she can wear it for her work. It is made of very quality material.
Available in navy blue too :)

Artist Off-Shoulder Dress
"Style" is a word for this dress.
Cream dress with a canvas colour belt.
You can wear it as off-shoulder or like how Zoe wear it.
Made of soft cotton.

We have about 30+ design in this collection.
So check out our web @ 8pm sharp tonight.
Some Backorder of clothes will also be open in collection 16 :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Closet Collection 15: Sneak Preview Part 2

Closet Collection 15: Sneak Preview Part 2
Can't wait to share with you girls what we have for the next collection,
Which will be launch on 19th Apr, Mon 8pm.
It is also the 2nd Anniversary Collection.
For those just get to know us.
THE DESIGN CLOSETS is already 2 years old :)
We are founded since Apr 2008.

So what so special about this collection?
We have 2 self-manufacture item in this colllection.
Rose Button Romper
The Design Closets Label

Inspire by ASOS
Made of linen. Not Sheer.
Smocked at Waist.
Suitable for casual occasions.

Blue Denim Boyfriend Shirt
The Design Closets Label

As Promise to many customer, we manufacture this Bf shirt.

And some preview of the other item we have for this coming collection.

Remember to check out Closet Collection 15 on 19 Apr, Mon 8pm sharp.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Closet Collection 15: Preview Part 1

Closet Collection 15 will be launch on Mon.
Time not decided yet.

But here's a small sneak preview of it.

In this Collection there will be 2 item specially manufacture by TDC
Floral Playsuit inspire by ASOS
Eleanor and I already reserve one for ourself.
The actual photo of it will be uploaded here on Fri night or Sat morning.

Next item that we manufacture for the coming collection will be
Blue Denim Boyfriend shirt which is similar to this shirt which we have
from Closet Collection 11.

Next will be this 2 Checker shirt which seen on My Blog.
I keep 1 each for myself. Love the material.
It is design to be abit sheer, mean you will not feel warm wearing one more sprag inside.

As we usually wear this kind of shirt we will sprag inside and tie a ribbon below it.

More preview will be up here tomorrow night with Zoe Raymond wearing on it :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Closet Collection 14 : Preview

Closet Collection 14 : Preview
We have clothes for both office and School
Denim Shorts, Tinkerbell Shorts, Pleated Satin Dress
and lots of Floral!!

Floral Long Tee
Colour Exclusive to The Design Closets
Zoe kept one for herself.

Duo Tone Dress
Zoe favourite! She can't even decide what colour to keep for herself.
End up she took the coral and the nude.
Best for work. Is a one piece dress :)

Bandage Romper
Cheryl and Eleanor can't resist from this romper.
Best for hot weather like SG.
Made of very soft and comfortable cotton.
It come in Black, Navy Blue and Grey.

Key Hole Dress
Zoe Kept 1 Black for her work.
Very Nice cutting that shows out your figure.
Come in Black and Grey :)

Red Floral Romper
This is a ROMPER! Don't you think it look more like a dress.
Lovely! And it also have Slimming effect

Check out on our collection on 29 Mar (Mon) 8pm!
We have more than what you can expect :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rose Skater Dress BO OPEN!

Rose Skater Dress: BACKORDER IS OPEN!
Limited Stock Available.
Stock will be ready to mail out on Mon 29/03.
So start sending your order in now !!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Closet Collection 13: Preview

Sneak Preview For Closet 13.
Let me introduce our new Model, Zoe Raymond.
One of the famous blogger in SG.

What to expect?
Denim Shirt is back in Pink.

Big Boyfriend shirt, which girls love to wear in for casual.
And it will never get out of fashion :p

Rose Skater Dress
What is the trend now?
Big Rose Print!!
Zoe Raymond Favourite!
Eleanor also grab one for herself.
Made of very soft and comfortable Cotton.

Peacock Sun-Dress
Eleanor love this at first sight.
Nice blue with a big ribbon like design at the front.
Made of comfortable linen.

Closet Collection 13 will be up on 22 Mar,8pm.
Stay Tune!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Review on Us!

Review on Us!
In our season 1 (Jan 2010), we requested customer to blog about us
But we realise not much submitted their entry so we did some changes for our season 2.
Submit your entry to us now.
At least 2 photo of you in The Design Closets’s apparels
and you will be entitle of S$1 to S$3 discount depending on your entry.
Discount can only be use in your next entry.
Submittion form
Review on the us or our apparel:
Blog link: (If you have one)

Acid Wash Tube Dress - Blue

Acid Wash Tube Dress - Blue
Instead of having Denim Tube Dress, we have it in acid wash.
One of the dress which we love it at first sight.
Eleanor has one for herself.
Grab yours now :)
Selling fast....

Photo Credit to Eleanor :

Denim Shirt: Manufacture

Denim Shirt
Due to the overwhelming of this shirt.
The Design Closets is considering to manufacture similar design of it.
Please comment here to let us know if you will purchase it if we manufacture it. And what you think we can do to improve on this piece of Top :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Closet 11: Preview

Closet Collection 11: Preview
The Design Closets First Collection After CNY
We have both type of clothes for both working adult and student for this collection.

Ribbon Window Back Dress
Both Eleanor and me fall in love with this dress at first sight.
Nice Cutting and very Good material.
Quality Satin. We have it in both Dark Grey and White.

Beads Halter Floral Dress
Lazy of matching accessories?
This dress solve your problem.
We have this in 3 colour, Cream with pink Floral, Black with Red Floral and Black with Pink Floral
Eleanor love the Black with Red Floral but Cheryl love Black with Pink Floral :)

Denim Shirt
This is the all time Favourite.
A Must in all school girl closet.
Just match it with a shorts or skirt and here u are ready for school
We have this in Grey and Blue :)

Acid Wash Tube Dress
Another dress that both of us love.
Nice Colour and design.
Is made of jean material.
We have this in Black and Blue

Japanese Style Clutch & Vintage Bag
Yeah! We have bags for this collection.
Both design are unique.
And both can be use for school as well as work :)

Check out our web on 1 Mar 2pm For More Design :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Spree Collection: Highlight

Some Nice Design to share with you girls for Spree Collection :)

Lets Start with first 3 photo from Wonderland.
Bottom are some of the design which I and Philina love :)

Last Photo from Cutie & Cynthia,
One of my favorite online spree.
They have lots of Korea design Top

There are too much to share about Taiwan Spree that we have now.
So Visit them yourselves to view them all :)
Click here to start shopping.