Sunday, March 28, 2010

Closet Collection 14 : Preview

Closet Collection 14 : Preview
We have clothes for both office and School
Denim Shorts, Tinkerbell Shorts, Pleated Satin Dress
and lots of Floral!!

Floral Long Tee
Colour Exclusive to The Design Closets
Zoe kept one for herself.

Duo Tone Dress
Zoe favourite! She can't even decide what colour to keep for herself.
End up she took the coral and the nude.
Best for work. Is a one piece dress :)

Bandage Romper
Cheryl and Eleanor can't resist from this romper.
Best for hot weather like SG.
Made of very soft and comfortable cotton.
It come in Black, Navy Blue and Grey.

Key Hole Dress
Zoe Kept 1 Black for her work.
Very Nice cutting that shows out your figure.
Come in Black and Grey :)

Red Floral Romper
This is a ROMPER! Don't you think it look more like a dress.
Lovely! And it also have Slimming effect

Check out on our collection on 29 Mar (Mon) 8pm!
We have more than what you can expect :)


Melody said...

Check out on our collection on 19 Mar (Mon) 8pm!
We have more than what you can expect :)

19 MAR?! or 29 mar (Mon)? =x nice collection! I will be there if is launch at today 8pm. =)

-eLeanor- said...

Hello Melody,

Sorry for the typo error, we'll change it ASAP.
Thanks for reminding us :)

Anonymous said...

your taiwan spree's exchange rate is bloody expensive! pls update your rate accordingly.. SGD1 = NTD23! blood sucker!

Cheryl said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks For the feedback, for the Ongoing Taiwan Spree. However, there is no rate of S$1= NT$23 now. Taiwan rate is about 21 or 22 if you go to the money changer.

However, We pay our supplier by visa/master or paypal. So there is extra changes taken by the card co. And You can't just take the the price you see from the taiwan spree and divide it by the rate. As you can see is a Taiwan Spree, so the clothes have to be deliver all the way to SG.
So we need to pay for that too, and it cost quite alot too.

The Price chart you see in our web already include Shipment and handling cost. We provide a chart there so it will be easier for our customer.
Instead of providing a the calculation method.
In this way, you can choose and get the price converted to SG$ in just a few mins.

So I hope you can understand.
Thats is not as easy as taking the price from taiwan web and divide by your own rate :)


-eLeanor- said...

Hello Anonymous!

Cheryl is trying to be nice and do up a table for you customers so that you dont have to take time to do all the calculations and just refer to the table for the price in the spree. It saves time and lessen the hassle.

Please be more understanding upon her explaination :)

HELLO! said...

inst in the Floral Long Tee.
Text me about the prize all this :)
Thanks, 83586465

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